Other applications

Compact pack for natural and process waters

Heat Collector compact pack is effective solution for example for the following applications:

  • sweet or sea waters
  • chlorinated water (such as swimming pools)
  • expelled cooling water of industrial processes
  • waste waters
  • aggressive fluids

Compact pack and heat exchangers are made from stainless steel (AISI 321, 304, 316) and can utilize ethanol, propylenglycol, ethylenglycol or water as heat transfer fluid. 

Measurements for the entire pack are 1150 x 2500 x 650 mm (w x l x h) and the gross weight is 90 kg. It provides nominal power of 100 kW when the temperature difference is 10 °C.


Waste water recuperator


Recycling the heat of waste waters

FinnStainless-waste water recuperator is meant for collection of heat from waste water - heat can be used for to warm facilities or hot water. Due to the stainless steel structure, recuperator tolerates dirty water and automatic mechanical cleansing. Normally here is no need to pre-clean the water which means less wasted heat.

Recuperator works effectively in number of different dirty environments such as

  • Municipal waste waters
  • Waste waters from industrial processes
  • Sewers containing small and large mechanical impurities
  • Sewers containing aggressive substances

Ideal use environments are

  • Swimming halls and spas
  • Apartment buildings
  • Industrial laundries


FinnStainless-waste water recuperator has the same attributes as all the other FinnStainless products: it's effective, reliable, universal and cost-effective.











Heat recycling from flue gases and exhaust air without pre-cleaning

Various technical applications produce lot of thermal energy which is often literally exhausted from air conditioning and chimneys. Flue gases from furnaces, steam from humid spaces and different hot extraction processes contain a lot of heat which can be recycled because of our technical solutions. 

Exhaust air heat collector is simple, yet effective:

  • Tolerates humidity, dust, grease and soot
  • Capable of handling strong variations in temperature
  • Silent
  • Easy to retrofit into existing systems
  • Low gas-dynamic resistance

Unlike most of the other exhaust air heat collectors, FinnStainless collector can be utilized without pre-cleaning of air or gas which saves costs and improves heat collection efficacy.

Comparison of traditional air heat collection system vs. FinnStainless solution

Traditional waste heat collection from exhaust air utilizes heat transfer between air and air which means that exhausted air is conveyed either directly or indirectly to the cold incoming air. Such a solution requires a customized implementation of the AC system which means that heat collection can not be easily retrofitted into an existing system. Furthermore, traditional systems are typically only able to utilize relatively pure air and are unable to collect heat e.g. from flue gases.


FinnStainless exhaust air heat collector transfers heat between gas and liquid transfer medium which will then transport collected thermal energy to the heating systems or hot water warming systems. This solution enables collection of heat independent of the incoming gas type such as room air, flue gas or gases from extraction processes. Furthermore, collector can also be used in reversed mode in which they will return cold to the cooling systems. 

Typical use environments for the exhaust air collectors include

  • Bakeries, smokehouses and food industry
  • Swimming halls, spas and water parks
  • Paint shops
  • Complicated industrial processes